What is AVPNext?
AVPNext is the official developmental program of the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour and serves as the exclusive “qualification circuit” for elite amateur players to earn AVP qualification points, a national ranking and entry into AVP main draws.

How do I play?
Sign up to be an AVP member by clicking on the “Become a Member” button above. Your membership makes you eligible to play in any AVPNext certified tournament nationwide. After you sign up, find out which zone you live in here and see the schedule of tournaments within your zone. By competing in your zone’s events, you become eligible to play for the bid for entry into the 2017 AVP Manhattan Beach Open. For each AVPNext certified event you play in, regardless of zone, you earn AVP pro points based on your finish. These help you when you enter to play in an AVP Tour event.

Where can I play?
Members are eligible to play in any tournament in any zone. However, your best shot to compete for the bid to the 2017 AVP Manhattan Beach Open is to play in as many events within your zone as possible. The team that does the best throughout a zone’s series of events is then awarded the bid to Manhattan Beach.

What are the benefits of being an AVP member?
AVP benefits include:
• Ability to compete in any 2017 AVPNext-certified event (over 70 events nation-wide)
• 20% discount to use at the AVP Online Store (www.avpshop.com) at the AVP Shop on site at any of the 2017 AVP Tour events
• 20% discount for tickets bough online for any of the 2017 AVP Tour events
• Various discounts on Wilson volleyball equipment
• And much more throughout the season…

What are the requirements for playing in an AVPNext event?
You must be at least 13 years old (at the time of competition). You are eligible to play in a tournament on the date of your 13th birthday.

What makes AVPNext different from other similar organizations?
AVPNext is the exclusive circuit for earning professional points and a national ranking from the U.S. domestic Tour. It serves as the pipeline for amateur players to compete in high-level tournaments within their zone and work their way up to becoming a professional beach volleyball player.

If I’m a high school or college student-athlete, can I play?
Yes! As long as you are 13 years old or above and a registered AVP member, you are eligible to play in any AVPNext event. In order to make sure you comply with all protocols regarding amateur status, check with your coach or compliance officer before signing up for any event.

How do I win my zone’s bid to play in the AVP Manhattan Beach Open?
The bid will be awarded to the TEAM with the best finishes throughout their zone’s events In order to optimize your chances, you should plan to play with the same partner for each event within a zone If you switch partners, you will begin to accumulate new team finishes with your new partner Zonal point cumulative totals will be based on our 80% rule. The 80% rule takes a team’s best finishes for 80% of the events within a zone. Example: If you play in a zone that has ten AVPNext-certified events, the bid will be awarded to the team that has the best eight out of ten team finishes. If a team plays in eight or less of the ten AVPNext certified events, then all team finishes count. Exception: If a zone has 11 or more events, the bid will be awarded to the team that has the best 8 finishes within that zone.

How long is my AVP membership valid?
Your AVP annual membership is valid for one year (365 days) from your date of purchase. You will need to renew your membership each season in order to compete in the AVPNext program.

If I participate in AVPNext, am I still eligible to play in AVP Tour events or other beach volleyball competitions?
Yes! You are still eligible to compete in any other beach volleyball competition.