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Austin Junior Volleyball
Ashley Ivy Swift
South Zone
Email: awise@austinsportscenter.com
Web Site: www.austinsportscenter.com/sand
New Mexico Premiere
New Mexico Premiere
Mountain West Zone
Email: director@newmexicopremiere.com
Web Site: www.newmexicopremiere.com/
AVP Academy Las Vegas
Samantha Lane
Mountain West Zone
Email: rrios@vegasunitedvc.com
Northwest Beach at Bottega
Tony Miranda
Northwest Zone
Email: info@volleyballnw.com
Web Site: www.nwjuniors.org/bottega
AVPFirst Championship Events
Marty Suan
Pacific Zone
Email: marty@avp.com
Web Site: avpfirst.org
Players First
Brandy Bryan
South Zone
Email: p1@p1beach.com
Web Site: www.nrgvbc.com/p1
AZFunk Volleyball
Shawn McConnell
Mountain West Zone
Email: shawn@funkaliciousbeachball.com
Web Site: www.funkvolley.com
Rally Volleyball
Colleen Craig
Southeast Zone
Email: info@rallyvb.com
Web Site: www.rallyvb.com
Beach South Volleyball
Scott Castevens
Southeast Zone
Email: beachsouthvb10@gmail.com
Web Site: www.beachsouthvolleyball.com/
Relentless Volleyball Tour
Andrew Bennett
Pacific Zone
Email: Adbvball@gmail.com
Web Site: www.RelentlessVB.com
Bulldog Beach Volleyball
Judd Smith
Southeast Zone
Email: bulldogbeachvball@gmail.com
Web Site: larsonkk22.wixsite.com/bulldogbeach
Sand Club
Allen Alexander
Mountain West Zone
Email: thesandclub@gmail.com
Web Site: www.thesandclub.com
Carpe Diem Volleyball
David Vander Meer
Midwest Zone
Email: info@carpediemvb.org
Web Site: carpediemvb.org
Santa Cruz Beach Volleyball
Lucas Bol
Pacific Zone
Email: lucas@scbeachvolleyball.com
Web Site: www.scbeachvolleyball.com/avpnext
Chaos Beach Volleyball
Corey 'Chaos' Robertson
Atlantic Zone
Email: corey@chaosbeachvolleyball.com
Web Site: www.chaosbeachvolleyball.com
Spike and Serve
Kevin Wong
Hawaii Zone
Email: spikeandserve1@gmail.com
Web Site: www.spikeandserve.com
Chicago Sport and Social Club
Chris Hastings
Midwest Zone
Email: chris@chicagosocial.com
Web Site: www.chicagosocial.com
STL Sandbar
Rodney Stevenson
Midwest Zone
Email: rodney@diversionsports.com
Web Site: stlsandbar.com/
Chris Hanneman
Northwest Zone
Email: chris@dakinevc.com
Web Site: dakinevc.com
Texas Image Sand
Ray Longee
South Zone
Email: rlongee@outlook.com
Web Site: texasimagesand.com
Dig the Beach
Diogo Sousa
Florida Zone
Email: Diogo@exclusivesports.com
Web Site: digthebeach.com/
Texas Volleyball Tour
Tim Wooliver
South Zone
Email: tim@texasvolleyballtour.com
Web Site: www.texasvolleyballtour.com
Brandon Migliore
Gulf Zone
Email: brandonmig@gmail.com
Web Site: www.digsvb.net
The Beach at Sharkeys
Beth Pastel
Atlantic Zone
Email: thebeachatsharkeys@gmail.com
Web Site: www.sharkeysbarandgrill.com
East Beach Volleyball Academy
Katie Spieler
Pacific Zone
Email: eastbeachvolleyballacademy@gmail.com
TMP Beach
Stephen McCarthy, Director
Midwest Zone
Email: mccarthy@themccarthyproject.com
Web Site: tmpbeachvolleyball.com/
Empowered Sports Club
Steve Slandzicki
Midwest Zone
Email: steve@empoweredsportsclub.com
Web Site: www.empoweredsportsclub.com/
Weston Hawkins
Gulf Zone
Email: tropicsvolleyball@gmail.com
Web Site: www.tropicsvolleyball.com
Amy Opsal
Midwest Zone
Email: amy@evptour.com
Web Site: www.evptour.com
Uprising Volleyball
Mati Bishop
Northwest Zone
Email: UprisingVolleyball@gmail.com
Web Site: www.UprisingVolleyball.com
Florida Beach Volleyball Tour
Gino Ferraro
Southeast Zone
Email: promovbl@bellsouth.net
Web Site: www.flbeachvolleyball.net
Volleyball Virginia
Chris McGarity
Atlantic Zone
Email: chris.mcgarity@volleyballva.com
Web Site: www.volleyballva.com/
Grand Sands
Kevin Westerkamm
Atlantic Zone
Email: kwesterkamm@grandsandsvolleyball.com
Web Site: grandsandsvolleyball.com/
Ed Ratledge
Pacific Zone
Email: info@VolleyOC.com
Web Site: www.volleyoc.com/AVPNext
Will Buchanan
South Zone
Email: will@madfrogssports.com
Web Site: madfrogsports.com/
Vollis Beach
Jerry Dorsey
Gulf Zone
Email: vollisbeach@gmail.com
Web Site: www.vollisbeach.com
Eric Scherfenberg
Midwest Zone
Email: escherfenberg@bsd124.org
Web Site: www.volleyballbeach.com
Wasatch Beach Volleyball
Mike Manczuk
Mountain West Zone
Email: wasatchbeach@aol.com
Web Site: www.wasatchbeachvolleyball.com
MRV Fitness
Martin Monreal
South Zone
Email: mrvfitness@yahoo.com
Web Site: www.mrvfitness.com
West Michigan Beach Volleyball
Steven VanderWerp & Pete Goers
Midwest Zone
Email: wmbeachvolleyball@gmail.com
Web Site: www.wmbeachvolleyball.com
Nashville Beach
Roman Reece
Southeast Zone
Email: beachresearch@yahoo.com
Web Site: www.nashvillebeach.com
Wilmington Volleyball
Karen Salefsky
Southeast Zone
Email: http://www.wilmingtonvolleyball.com/contact-us.htm
Web Site: www.wilmingtonvolleyball.com
Greg Vogel
Southeast Zone
Email: gregv@sinjinvolleyball.com